Mission Statement

To provide an affordable boutique service for women health from all backgrounds and cultures who are undergoing medical and surgical treatments at a sensitive time of their life.  

By creating a friendly, safe, and comfortable environment led by skilled doctors, nurses, and staff who are compassionate and understanding and attend to your every need. Because you are worth it.

Quality Objectives:

  • To meet all relevant health authority requirements and standards in the facility
  • Provide a high level of professional care to patients
  • Design, develop and maintain high standards within the facility to achieve optimum safety and comfort for all patients and staff
  • Develop and achieve a high level of staff involvement and ensure a client-focused team approach to all patient and doctor services
  • Maintain the best clinical standards through staff training, peer review and update, quality assurance, and critical evaluation of services.
  • Maintain staff training and education to ensure continued improvement in performance and the attraction of new staff in the context of staff turnover.
  • Provide leadership and encourage innovation in the health care industry in improving the perceived worth of women’s health day centers to the general public.
  • Ensure an effective structure both formally and informally to provide for close consultation and liaison with the medical fraternity.