Professional Section

Medical Abortions

Our Doctor is an approved prescriber of Mifepristone (MS 2-Step). Our clinic has had many years experience assisting Women with a Medical Termination. The use of this medication is in accordance with specific guidelines and protocols established by our clinic and approved by the TGA.

The use of this medication is still considered ‘experimental’ and its approval is in the form of a controlled study, to monitor its effectiveness, side effects and any adverse reactions. All patients are given a patient plan which clearly describes when and how they take their medications, when to be concerned and who to call.

For more effective patient care we are aiming, when possible, to have patients arrive with some tests having been already organized, two days before their first appointment such as:

  • Blood group,
  • FBE
  • EUC
  • Quant Bhcg
  • Urine Chlamydia

This way we will be aware of any patients with abnormal results, which require treatment prior to commencement of the medical abortion. We ask that these tests are faxed urgently to: 03 9005 2834, so we are aware of when they come through and are ready for the patient’s first consultation.