Contraception Choices

Female Contraception Options Available in Melbourne

Hampton Park Women’s Health Clinic can provide you with information and advice on a range of female contraception options, including Implanon insertion, Depo Provera, contraceptive pill and IUD insertion. We have all contraceptive devices onsite, so there is no need to visit the pharmacy.

How Can We Help?

At Hampton Park Women’s Health Care, we offer a range of female contraception options for women to select from, including pills, Implanon, the Nuva Ring, and different types of IUDs. During your initial consultation, the doctor will discuss with you your plans for future contraception and help you select an option from the different types of birth control if you’re unsure. Alternatively, you might have already decided on the best type of contraception with your own doctor.

We also offer a women’s health service for non-pregnant women who would like to discuss contraception methods and arrange STD checks, discuss women’s health issues or get a cervical cancer screening test done on request.

What Birth Control Options Are Available?

The different types of birth control include:

  • The contraceptive pill – A small pill taken daily containing estrogen and progestogen.
  • The mini pill – A small pill taken daily containing progestogen-only.
  • The contraceptive ring – A small plastic ring that’s inserted into the vagina every 3 weeks. It works by releasing estrogen and progestogen into the bloodstream.
  • Depo-Provera – A contraceptive injection that contains medroxyprogesterone acetate and lasts for three months.
  • Mirena IUD – A small plastic device containing progestogen that’s inserted into the uterus and lasts for 5 years (As well as the Mirena IUD, we can also assist with copper IUD insertion).
  • Implanon – A small matchstick-sized device containing progestogen that’s inserted into the upper arm and lasts for 3 years.

Vasectomies for men can also be organised at our clinic.