Termination of Pregnancy

Can’t Make the Decision to Terminate Your Pregnancy?

Our staff recognise how difficult this decision can be and aim to help by providing a supporting environment.

Our highly trained staff can answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure, including the risks and what to expect after a termination. We will encourage you to make your own decision and will guide you to the available services that might help, such as psychologists and support agencies.

Our staff are here to help you explore your options so that you can feel more comfortable with your decision in the future. Counselling after abortion can also be beneficial for those who may require some extra support after the procedure.

Please note, a referral form is not required.

We also offer a range of contraception choices.

Are Abortions Legal in Victoria?

Yes, abortions are legal in Victoria. The procedure can be performed safely and legally in clinics and hospitals across the state